Breaking Tradition and Finding Your Voice: Classical Music to Free Jazz

Presented with The Commons Brooklyn

*This is an Olio lecture and concert all in one evening*

Sculpting a unique voice in the arts is something that takes years—and is the one thing that cannot be taught, but must be felt and wrestled with while learning technique and tradition. In trying to define what your voice is, it's helpful in figuring what your voice is not: there is great value of trying to learn someone else's language in order to help you define your own. 

The boundaries of the different genres of music, from classical to folk to jazz to metal to (you name it) all have such different ways of capturing that voice: from the creation of music in the moment, to the presentation of music as a fixed product. In this Olio, we take a look at the transition and performance practice from "classical music" to "free jazz" through the lens of improvisation: the act of spontaneous composition. The more one tries to analyze the differences between the two approaches, the similarities reveal themselves much more than the differences. Join us for a kaleidoscope of musical excerpts and conversation as we delve into music in the moment. 

Musicians include : Whitney George, Daniel Carter, Dan Kurfirst, & Eli Wallace

Location: The Commons Brooklyn

388 Atlantic Avenue Between Hoyt and Bond. Brooklyn, NY 11217

Commons Brooklyn believes that by providing space where all views, even those we oppose, can be presented, examined, and perhaps refuted, we are helping to build a more just and free society. The Commons offers affordable office and meeting spaces, as well as an event venue. We can host anything from parties and benefits to forums, performances, films, and workshops. Our café can offer light meals, desserts, fair-trade organic coffees, teas, wine, and beer during any event.

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