Olio: noun \ˈō-lē-ˌō\  

A miscellaneous collection (esp. of art or literature)

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Jun 26

Music, Drugs & Altered States of Mind

Join us for an evening of drinks, debauchery, and decadence​ as we listen to some music that was created "under the influence" and analyze the artist's work in light of our own ideas about drugs and consciousness.
Taught by Whitney George
Mon, Jun 26 // 7:30 p.m. at Strong Rope Brewery
**Happy Hour on local craft beers by Strong Rope.

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Jun 27

Weaponizing Words: Political Vigilance and Letter Writing as Activism

Epistles are letters written as poems, providing both a tactile sense of intimacy and accessibility, a play between internal and external dialogue. In addition to engaging the personal and historical context of Di Prima’s work, we will examine a short series of epistles by other poets.
Taught by Jessica Rogers
Tue, Jun 27 // 7:30 p.m. at Nowadays

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Jun 30

The Woman Question

The woman question actually posed the inquiry: 'What are women good for?' Let's discuss the psychic and social ramifications of being a question.
Taught by Jamie Warren
Fri, Jun 30 // 7:30 p.m. at Strand Bookstore
**Nina Simone covers to follow this Olio

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Jul 6

Lassos of Truth: A Celebration of Three Wonder Women

Three Mini Olios where we learn about Wonder Woman and two other "Wonder Women".
Taught by Three Olio Professors
Thu, Jul 6 // 7:30 p.m. at Brooklyn Art Library

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Jul 7

Free As Gods: Picasso, Calder and Artists Take Center Stage

More than just stars on the art scene, Picasso and Calder took center stage in the world of theater and that changed the course of their work forever.
Taught by Charles Riley
Fri, Jul 7 // 7 p.m. at Strand Bookstore
**Complimentary beer and wine by our presenting sponsors, Sixpoint Brewery & Maison Cubi.

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Jul 8

*Olio House Party* ​In Search of Greatness in the 1950s: Greatness For All?

We'll talk about the rise of television, the GI Bill, suburbanization, the baby boom, the Cold War, the early civil rights movement, and do a thorough re-examination of popular claims that the decade was America’s Golden Age.
Taught by Lawrence Cappello
Sat, Jul 8 // 7:30 p.m. at Bed Stuy Brownstone
****Live music sampling genres from the 50's to follow this Olio**

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Jul 9

**Olio Seminar** // Woman as Other, Woman as Lover

This seminar will go deep, straight to the intellectual bone, as we wrestle with our own demons of self, sex, love, and our longing for authentic freedom.
Taught by Jamie Warren
Sun, Jul 9 // 3 p.m. at Nowhere Studios
**This is a four week seminar meeting on Sunday afternoons. *4 seats left*

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Jul 11

The Art of Noise: Percussion Music and the Urban Jungle

This Olio takes a peek into the historical importance of modern works, and how the surrounding environment of man-made sounds of the 20th century have forever changed the way we approach composing for percussion.
Taught by Whitney George
Tue, Jul 11 // 7:30 p.m. at Nowadays

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Jul 14

A History of Analog in Revolt: Sparking Poetic Revolutions

If part of the purpose of Dial-a-Poem was to use new and accessible technologies to spark poetic revolution, what relevance can we draw in an era of digital phones and emails?
Taught by Jessica Rogers
Fri, Jul 14 // 7 p.m. at Strand Bookstore
**Complimentary beer and wine by our presenting sponsors, Sixpoint Brewery & Maison Cubi.

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Jul 16

*Read-In* Meditations

Gathering together around Meditations will allow us to apply Stoic philosophy to the dilemmas we face in life.
Taught by Michael Prettyman
Sun, Jul 16 // 4 p.m. at Dean Machine

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Jul 18

Philosophical Trash Talking: Reading and Ridiculing "The Languages of Art"

"Aesthetics is to artists as ornithology is to birds." - Barnett Newman
Taught by Dena Shottenkirk
Tue, Jul 18 // 7:30 p.m. at Nowadays

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Jul 19

Pleasures, Taboos, Magic: Art History in Perfume Advertising

This illustrated Olio brings together ads from the past century that attempted to evoke (and sell) perfumes through references to fine art.
Taught by Jessica Murphy
Wed, Jul 19 // 7 p.m. at JWALK
**Complimentary mixed drinks provided by Viva32 Tequila.

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Jul 21

Inventing The Concept of Race: There's Nothing Natural About Segregation

This Olio will trace the historical invention of the “race” concept as a step-by-step, intentional process designed to prevent interracial collaboration.
Taught by Angie Beeman
Fri, Jul 21 // 7 p.m. at Strand Bookstore
**Complimentary beer and wine by our presenting sponsors, Sixpoint Brewery & Maison Cubi.

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Jul 25

The Puzzle of Personal Identity: How Comic Books Illuminate Real World Issues

Through the lens of comic books, we'll explore how we should understand our actual practices concerning identity and moral responsibility, criminality and mental illness in the real world.
Taught by Ben Abelson
Tue, Jul 25 // 7 p.m. at Nowadays

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Jul 28

Women, Design, and Empowerment: I Will What I Want

This Olio begins a dialogue around designs created to emancipate those who menstruate, give birth, and/or identify as women.
Taught by Michelle Millar Fisher
Fri, Jul 28 // 7 p.m. at Strand Bookstore
**Complimentary beer and wine by our presenting sponsors, Sixpoint Brewery & Maison Cubi.

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